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Energy Managers are Business Managers: Key Success Factors and Future Prospects in Malaysia

The introduction and the enforcement of Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulations 2008 has obviously made the requirement to have qualified energy managers the same level with other regulatory requirements…

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Is Malaysia doing enough to reduce carbon dioxide emissions? The demand side management perspective.    

At present sources of carbon dioxide in Malaysia are from various sectors. In the report…

Provisions in Electricity Regulations 1994 on Working Safely at Electrical Installations that a REEM Must Know

Sharing the key provisions in the Electricity Regulations 1994 enforced by Energy Commission that a…

Provisions in EMEER 2008 that are relevant in ISO50001:2018 Requirements

The provisions in EMEER 2008 and reporting requirements in EMIS that are relevant in ISO50001:2018…

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